In Puno on Lake Titicaca on 3,800 m

Puno slider

We will stay here until we have completed our mission

The journey across the highlands of Southern Peru takes 10 hours.  We drive through several thunderstorms before we see the lights of the city of Puno appearing on the horizon at 9:45 p.m.  One can guess where the edge of the Lake is.

That evening our IT department provides us with the latest figures.  Since 2007 Diospi Suyana has recorded 222,969 patient visits of which 25,565 patients are residents of Puno State.

Thursday morning 7 a.m.  In three hours a small ceremony in honour of Diospi Suyana will take place in the Town Hall.  In the afternoon we want to buy a plot of land on a nearby hill.  In future we will be able to reach the quarter-of-a-million people living in this State with Diospi Suyana’s radio programme with 4 KW.

Our team is made up of building engineer Udo Klemenz, TV/radio-technician Chris Welch, Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre and myself.  As so often we have no idea what is coming our way.  That is the current state of play in Southern Peru.  We will keep you posted./KDJ

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