It could be so peaceful in the valley


But the construction team headed by Udo Klemenz produces dust and noise

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, we will celebrate our Christmas Eve service at 4 p.m. in the hospital’s church – Christmas will be inside, summer (temperatures) will be outside!  On Monday the last working week of 2016 will start.  The Peruvians do not count Boxing Day as a Bank Holiday and the German time-off “between-the-years” (i.e. between Christmas and New Year’s Day) is unknown in Curahuasi.

This week we could complete several tasks in manifold areas.  In the first stage of construction the door framings are in place and most of them are fixed in the mortar.  The remaining walls around the doors have been plastered and we are continuing working on the metal ventilation ducts.

In the future nurses’ station the breakthroughs for the doorways are being supported and existing doors are being widened.

Above the consulta externa the first fire safety boards are in place.  As I mentioned last week, this task is going to be long and heavy.

After waiting two years, the electricity provider Electro Sur has finally installed the main electricity metre at the Colegio.  In Peru it is normal that the metre is visible and can be read from the street; therefore we had to cut out a part of the fence and erect a small wall.

On the hill above the school we have purchased a plot of land (its size is 100m²) on which we will erect our aerial tower.  Yesterday we conducted rock mechanical measurements, dug a test pit and explored possible ways of access.  Our newest project on this front, to build the foundations for the 30m high tower, will keep us occupied for the next couple of weeks.

I wish you a blessed and hopefully peaceful Christmas, Udo (you can see the hospital in the bottom middle section of the picture).

The metal works for the air ventilation ducts produce a little bit of noise.

The metal works for the air ventilation ducts produce a little bit of noise.
The main access door to the sleeping wing is being widened. Deafening!
Putting the fire safety boards in place above the consulta externa.
In the third stage of construction the oxygen pipes are being inlaid above the ceiling.
The main electricity metre at the Colegio-Diospi-Suyana.
Measuring the grounding resistance by means of copper rods.
The test pit to determine the base compression.
Udo Klemenz wishes you All a Happy Christmas. Cacti in full bloom near one of a Diospi Suyana’s aerial masts.
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