I wonder if the Wößners thought about that back then?

They were already among the first supporters of Diospi Suyana 19 years ago

Martin Wößner (top left) and his wife Ulrike (not in the picture) read a Diospi Suyana family magazine in 2004. The project convinced them and soon they were among the first active friends of our work. A year later, their daughter Rebekka (above right) was born. Her parents’ sympathy for Diospi Suyana eventually spilled over to their daughter. Yesterday, the Rosendfelder from Baden-Württemberg was officially accepted as a volunteer

Dad, mom and daughter. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Will any grandchildren one day also be drawn to Diospi Suyana? With the Wößners, you have to expect anything. /KDJ

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