How did you do that?

Initiators of three social projects talk with Diospi Suyana

Neuwied near Koblenz: an evening event in a nearby church is starting in two hours; the clock is ticking against us.  In a living room I met a group of private individuals who have a heart for those living on the fringes of society: refugees, the homeless and prostitutes.  And what is their motivation? A practical faith in Jesus Christ.

As with so many “faith-projects” the personal cost is high and success is not guaranteed.  But once again faith in an invisible force is key.  Trusting in The Almighty things that are humanly impossible are attempted.

“And how was it at Diospi Suyana?”  The young people from Neuwied who I met for the first time wanted to know all the details.  Our experiences in Peru and elsewhere obviously encourage the actors of the next generation. That makes sense since the God who was present at the founding of the Diospi Suyana Organisation and has performed signs and wonders is still the same today.

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