Why does Karin Straßheim post so many parcels?

Diospi Suyana’s Calendar 2021 needs to be distributed

The main member of staff in our home office is well-known in the local post office.  We feel that she long deserves loyalty points with the German postal service.  For the past few weeks now several people have ordered Diospi Suyana’s popular calendar.  This tradition transports typical scenes from our various working areas directly into your living rooms or kitchens.  The price of €8.90 (excluding postage and packaging) has stayed the same for the last few years.

On the last few pages all of the calendar’s pictures are explained in English, German and Spanish.  The ideal present for friends and relations.  It is crystal clear that Karin will often be joining the post office queue up until Christmas, unless of course we run out of calendars.  But that would be sad, since we want that everyone can enjoy the 13 photos in DinA4-size.  To order you copy/copies please contact:karin.strassheim@diospi-suyana.org · Mail // +49 6447 886498 · Tel. // +49 6442 943111 · Fax

A certain Irene T. conveys her heartfelt thanks for the calendar.
A stary sky above a hut in Puca Puca.  Inside a Diospi Suyana Children’s Club event is taking place.  Ryan Morigeau took this brilliant photo.  This scene could also have taken in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.
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