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Radio Diospi Suyana

Hospital Diospi Suyana takes the first precautionary measures for the Corona-Virus

Carefully considered and cautious steps

A committee regularly meets at the missionary hospital to plan all necessary steps for a case of emergency.  Yesterday, Monday, Dr Martina John explained in the morning service that with immediate effect alternative greeting forms will be used at the hospital: shaking hands, hugs and kisses are definitively out.

The storage rooms have been well stocked with disinfection agents and breathing masks.  All members of staff are bracing themselves for an epidemic in Peru.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Cusco every year and follow the paths of the old Incas.  The risk that one of these tourists brings the Corona-Virus to the Andes is high.  As of Wednesday evening we have not heard any reports of an infected person in Peru.

Six greeting forms without kissing, hugging or shaking hands.