Simando donates an air-conditioning system for our ophthalmic operating theatre

Cools – heats – dehumidifies – ventilates

A few phone-calls and an email were enough for Simando GmbH, located in Karlsruhe, to donate a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system.  The special coating of the slats prevents the growth of bacteriae and fungi.  Our ophthalmologists Dr Ursula Buck and Dr Werner Kessler have every reason to be delighted, since this system ensures a perfect state of warmness (or coldness!) in the operating theatre.

A “dankeschön” to the management team in Karlsruhe combined with a cordial invitation to visit us in Peru.

Looking at the ophthalmic operating theatre’s outside wall.  The air-conditioning device is fitted on both the in- as well as on the outside.

35kg in weight looks after our operating theatre team’s wellbeing.  We are truly thankful for the donation of this brand-new device.

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