Hope for an Almost Forgotten Nation

 Hoffnung fuer ein laengst vergessenes Volk

Ten years ago yesterday

On March 4, 2005, the German Medical Journal published a double-page spread about a hospital in Peru.  Journalist Klaus Rösler described the infrastructure with flowering words.  Four-hundred thousand physicians in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were able to read the report.  Towards the end of the article it read, “However, Diospi Suyana is imperfect, because so far the hospital only exists on paper, computer animation, and in the minds of a German couple!”

Leeres Grundstueck
Ten points around six fields

A decade ago there were only six empty fields on the building site.  On a map, the triangular area was marked with ten red dots.  Without support from the state an ultramodern hospital would arise, of course with no debt and no credit.

Its amazing that the medical journal reported back then on this bold idea.  Humanly, this project from a piece of paper would never come about.  But the article also explained the strange name.  “Diospi Suyana” which means “We Trust In God!”  That was the secret of the success.

Today, on March 5, 2015 our biggest dreams of yesteryear have been far exceeded.  No one could have guessed in 2005 that people from all 25 states of Peru would drive to this little triangle.  More than 150,000 patients have visited the hospital and the current president of Peru called Diospi Suyana the best hospital in southern Peru.

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