A School That Lives

Action auf dem Pausenhof

The construction team working on final details

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, another week has passed and we are again progressing piece by piece.  A few places around the school were again touched up with final touches of paint and cleanup continued in the school garden.  New plants were also put in place, the toilets were installed in the kindergarten, and the cooling cell was installed in the kitchen.  The latter was donated by the company ILKAZELL from Zwickau, Germany.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to them!

But the most striking change has surely been the many children who have repopulated the school grounds since Monday.  They give the beautiful and modern buildings a reason to exist.  Its always nice to have a direct answer to why you get up in the morning.

Also, the waste-water project is progressing very well.  All shafts are now concreted and the trenches have been filled in again and compressed.  Currently, the slope screeds are produced in the shafts.  These are needed so that no solids remain lying in the them.  Also, the upper connecting channel has been excavated.

So there are no shortages during our upcoming work, 740 bags of cement were delivered last Saturday.  It was a bit challenging getting the cement to the hospital grounds as the driver had to maneuver the turn with an extra long trailer. But as with many things here, what first seems impossible seems to work out with a little patience, diligence, and trust in God.

I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend, Johannes

Das Gaertnerteam beim einpflanzen
The gardener’s team planting
Die Kuehlzelle wird montiert
The cooling cell is mounted
Each small bit of paint is important.
Kindergarten wird genutzt
The kindergarten for the first time with children
Wenden in 300 Zuegen
Finally making the turn
Ein volles Zementlager
Again we are stocked full of cement
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