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Radio Diospi Suyana

Henriette Söll and Amelie Bücher have arrived safely

We cordially welcome two new nurses

Picture-book weather in Cusco.  Two laughing young ladies from Germany and a delightful welcome-committee.  When Rebecca Meininger (below front left) und Evelyn Driedger (below front right) picked up the two new missionaries in the ancient Inca Capital of Cusco it was not clear who was beaming more: the sun above the minibus or the ladies with friend Kurt in the vehicle.

Nurse Amelie (above right) and her colleague Henriette (above left) both come from South Germany.  Both were involved in their churches’ youth work and both play the guitar.  Both of them have travelled extensively and both have read the book “I have seen God.”  Both see their three years at Diospi Suyana as an expression of their Christian faith.

We will try to find out the differences between Amelie and Henriette by watching them closely for a couple of years.  But we are definitely delighted about their boosting our team, especially in the current times.  Herzlich willkommen! – A cordial welcome!

Amelie Brücher centre and Henriette Söll far right.

Amelie Brücher centre and Henriette Söll far right.