Large donor and businessman scrutinises Diospi Suyana

Frank Orschler spent two days at the Hospital Diospi Suyana

Königsee-Implantate is a successful company in Allendorf, Thuringia, whose product range lets the heart of any traumatologist beat faster.  Screws, nails and metal implants for bone surgery – all of the highest quality to be sure – are exactly the things a surgeon needs when he is mending broken bones.

CEO and owner Frank Orschler (above right) had already made a donation in kind – to describe it as “generous” would be an understatement.  Missionary doctor Dr Tim Boeker (above left) was of course delighted about the donation which will enable him to operate on the poorest of the poor, as if he was working in a European hospital.

This week the dynamic company owner had a closer look at the hospital.  It is one thing watching a PowerPoint Presentation in one’s own conference room and quite another actually walking through a hospital 11,000km away.

After the Tuesday morning service a ceremony was held in the hospital’s church at which Dr Boeker and Stefan Seiler expressed their deep gratitude.  Frank Orschler also spoke.  The Thuringian by choice said he was delighted that his implants would be used to help needy patients at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  He has already visited several hospitals in South America.  Diospi Suyana was exquisite.  Addressing the patients he said: “You can count yourselves fortunate that this hospital exists.”

Building engineer Udo Klemenz and Stefan Seiler led our honorary visitor through the hospital’s various departments.  Dr Boeker also wanted to be present, but he was almost immediately called away to see to an accident that was waiting for him in the operating theatre.

People like Frank Orschler make it possible for us to help the Quechua-Indians on a high level.  “This was not my last visit to Curahuasi,” promised the businessman.  So be it.

Traumatologist Dr Tim Boeker reports on the background of the donation.
Head of Administration Stefan Seiler thanks Frank Orschler for his help.
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