Breaking News: Diospi Suyana wins a legal suit against the Peruvian Tax Authority

For six months we were sitting on tenterhooks

On 17th April the Peruvian Tax Authority rejected our application for a non-profit status for the Asociación Civil Diospi Suyana Radio & TV.  As a religious organisation we would only be allowed to broadcast religious programmes, but were forbidden to say anything on the topics of health and culture.  We filed an appeal at the Tribunal Fiscal (Supreme Court).  In a legal opinion, without fuss or quibble, the Ministry of Justice took a firm stand on the side of Diospi Suyana.

Yesterday we were informed of the positive verdict.  The document is four pages thick and attests our media society a non-profit status.  We can only say from the bottom of our hearts: Gracias a Dios. Thanks be to God!

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