Finland: A big step forward

"Fida" is a Finnish organization that currently has about 350 missionaries on their books. In addition, each year about 500 volunteers will be sent out on  short-term assignments. This is the largest missionary society in Finland.

Yesterday Dr. John presented Diospi Suyana to 2 of the directors of this organisation. Rauno Mikkonen and Eero Horstia listened carefully to the 90 minute presentation and finally asked the important question; "Dr John, what do you want from us”? The answer: "Doctors, nurses and administrative staff"! Fida is very sympathetic to these needs.

Wouldn´t it be great if there could be 5-10 Finnish members on our team?! We are sure they would feel would feel at home. Afterall, alpacas look just like reindeer!

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