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Corona Extra

One can feel the gentle breeze in his hair, light-blue water fills the beach with its murmurings, the person lying blissfully in the hammock is holding a beer bottle: “Corona Extra”, translated as “the extra crown” or “the icing of the cake.”  This is the real life.

Under the advertisement constant traffic adds its bit: the constant honking of horns.  The skies above Lima are their usual dirty-grey colour.  The taxi-driver spent the last 35 minutes telling me about his own family tragedy: financial pressure broke his marriage after 13 years.  Now he has to also work at weekends to be able to provide food for his children.  He and his wife have nothing more to say to each other.  My heart goes out to the poor children.

The sadder the life, the happier the life shown on the advertisement.  The more difficult the situation in a country, the more grandiose are the promises of its politicians.

Are we not all at times ready for the island?  Put everything behind you and forget about it.  But even the most amazing beach experience comes to an end.  And more often than not the holiday was more an escape than real relaxation.  Jesus says: “He who is thirsty, can come to me and drink!”  Is a relationship with God really the secret of our lives?

We have reached the airport – my flight leaves in 90 minutes – and getting out of the taxi I turn once more to the taxi driver: “Buy a Bible for yourself: read a chapter a day and say a heartfelt prayer!”

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