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A hydraulic lifting platform from the Netherlands

What a generous donation

Oebele de Haan is a Dutchman.  He was born in Frisia and is proud of his heritage.  In July the head of our workshops visited the company Stertil Koni in Kootstertille, located only a few miles as the crow flies from Twijzel, where Oebele first saw the light of the world.

Oebele gave the company manager, Mr Koppenol, a short presentation outlining how Diospi Suyana has become a blessing to the people in and around Curahuasi.  “For our workshops we need a hydraulic lifting platform which has a bearing capacity of 6 tonnes: could you help us?”  Oebele adhered to the motto that questions cost nothing.  Mr Koppenol promised to look into the matter.

2 weeks later Oebele received the answer: “I have one piece of good and one piece of bad news: we do not have a lifting platform with a bearing capacity of 6 tonnes!”  What a pity, thought Oebele.  “But we have one which can bear 9 tonnes – would that be okay?”

What a question!  Absolutely fantastic.  The donation in kind – valued at €18,000 – will be delivered to our storage facility in Germany within the next few days and will be included in Container#65.

Since Oebele checks and repairs all of Diospi Suyana’s vehicles he will spend many enjoyable hours with the heavy machine from the Netherlands.  A cordial “Dankeschön” to Stertil Konti and to our Frisian team member Oebele de Haan.