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A Friday would not be a Friday without Udo Klemenz’ building report

Our Media team can be satisfied

Dear Diospi-Suyana Friends, work on the Media Centre’s second storey is progressing nicely.  So far all outer stiffening columns apart from those in the area of the ramp have been concreted.  The building of the inner columns is keeping in step with the progress of the outer ones.  We hope to have finished all the masonry work by the end of next week.

Our next task will then be completing perimeter beams and the ringwall openings.  The necessary casing is currently being produced and our two iron-workers have their work cut out performing all the preliminary work and have bent several reinforcement stirrups for the ceiling joists.

As regards the planned extension with two operating theatres we have started work on the subsoil.  The gardeners are cutting off the dense lawn taking the topsoil with them and are using it to complete the lawn area around the helipad.

A couple of weeks ago we ordered multi-bevelled steel profiles with a company in Lima.  We expect them to be delivered beginning of next week.  Then our subcontractor will weld them into hollow sections on site; these will then, with a distance of two metres between each of them, be welded horizontally onto the concreted anchor sheets onto which the 12cm thick fire safety boards will be fixed.

The fire safety boards, which were made in Austria, are currently lying in a warehouse in Hamburg’s Harbour.  They will be put in a “High Cube Container” which will be on the container ship “Cap San Tainaro” when it leaves for Callao Lima on 19th August.  The vessel is due to arrive in Peru on 14th September.  DHL and the shipping company CMA respectively are kindly sponsoring the land and sea transport.

Until next weekend, cordial greetings from Peru, Udo.

Encasing the outer stiffening columns.
Three walls are being erected.
What the two new operating theatres should look like…
… and where they will be built.
The missing bits of lawn are put around the heliport.