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Peruvian company donates software packets

The definitive solution after a one-year search

Daniel Chiang, Julio Diestra and Percy Diaz smile into the camera, even though a couple of minutes beforehand they did something that most people living on this planet would never have even considered doing: they, as a company, just donated a comprehensive software packet to the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  It was the first time in P&S history that the three company owners took such a decision.  The good deed of the Catholic Christians has a monetary value of a substantial five-digit USD sum.

On 9th August Dr Klaus John told them about the “Hospital of Faith”.  “We never expected something like this,” said Sr. Chiang, director of P&S and boss of 25 members of staff.  “Nine years ago the three of us started as a three man band and, just like Diospi Suyana, we experienced the ups and the downs.  Now we want to help!”

It was only recently that a big international IT-company had waved the missionary doctor wearily aside, when he knocked on their door.  But the presentation at P&S occurred under more positive circumstances.  At the same as Dr John was speaking in Lima some members of hospital’s administrative staff were praying together in Curahuasi.

Those of you familiar with how things work in South America will know that such big donations from small companies are as rare as swimming pools in the Sahara.  “If you support our mission or not, depends not on your bank account balance, but on your heart,” said Dr John to his listeners after his presentation.  We thank the three smiling people on the photo and, of course, God, the give of all good gifts.