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A fraudster just cannot refrain from doing it

Clínica Hampina Wasi with Diospi Suyana’s logo

18 months ago the head of the Clínica Hampina Wasi was given a warning.  Using Diospi Suyana’s logo he lured patients into his clinic.  After 40 reports about our missionary hospital on Peruvian TV, most Peruvians would recognise our emblem with the sun and the diamond-shaped cross.  Sadly this businessman has not learnt his lesson.  Lured by our logo, patients continue to visit his clinic, but have to pay 50 Soles for a treatment.  We at Diospi Suyana, who pursue no profit intentions, charge 4 Soles (roughly €1) for a treatment.

Yesterday Doris Manco personally went to the clinic, but was unable to speak to the man.  Furthermore, the owner flatly refused to speak to Dr John via telephone.  Our logo is trademark protected in Peru until 2027.  Sadly the only way forward now is to start legal proceedings.  It pains us to see that villains try again and again to make money from our good reputation.

On the left of the clinic’s banner one can see Diospi Suyana’s logo.
Our logo, with the sun and the cross, are trademark protected in Peru for Diospi Suyana.