A mountain-top Easter service

Irish romanticism

The morning fog lifts and the first rays of sunlight touch the earth.  A wooden cross stands next to a stone altar.  On a blanket a simple flower arrangement.  Between 50 and 60 members of staff have come together to celebrate Easter.  For most of them it is their first mountain-top service they have attended.

They come from various churches and denominations and hail from many countries.  At the crack of dawn they set out for this mountain top drawn by a communal hope: they believe that “The grave is empty” and call “He is risen indeed!”

Dr Ruben Ibarra’s sermon comes directly from the heart.  This message is the reason why the Paraguayan doctor works in an honorary capacity for Diospi Suyana.

A picnic in the green countryside.  Food has never tasted so good before.  Good conversations at an altitude of 3,000m.  Then we headed back into the valley: we have to work on Easter Monday.  In the hospital, in the school or in the media centre they will put into practice what they experienced today:  Christ is the Saviour of the World! (Pictures taken by Dr David Brady, Valentina Sawatzki and Christian van Rensen)

For most of them it is surely their first mountain-top service they have attended.
Dr Ruben Ibarra from Paraguay preached.
Eight musicians trumpeted the good news into the mountain world.
Sarah Glöckler and Elisabeth Franke rode to the service.
Picnic after the service.
There is enough for everyone.
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