Security enhancement at the Colegio

School dog Leika has her first day at work

Security guard Jorge Nole (in the photo) could not conceal a smile when he was introduced to his new colleague today.  It will be several weeks until Leika is fully grown and can do her nightly rounds.  First of all she will get her own kennel on the school grounds and needs to be trained.  Jorge Nole and Paraguayan pupil, Roy Ibarra, will take care of her training.  We have no doubt that the six week old puppy with fluffy fur will conquer the hearts of all the school’s pupils!

Did you know that “Leika” was the name of the first dog that made it to heaven? In 1957 as part of the Sputnik Mission she was put into orbit and was a forerunner for manned space travel.  Is there a more symbolic name for a dog working at a Christian school?

It is no coincidence that Leika is a German Shepherd female.  After several attempted burglaries the security guards repeatedly demanded reinforcement measures.  First of all LED headlights and CCTV were installed.  At the same time head of school, Christian Bigalke, asked dog-fans and -schools which breed of dogs were easy to train and also defended their territory conscientiously.  A small side note: the dog breed German Shepherd is called “pastor alemán” in Spanish – fittingly, since we currently do not have a school pastor./CB

As a matter of course Leika will work as a voluntary without payment.
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