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Ready for new deeds

The teaching staff are ready to start into Diospi-Suyana-School’s 8th year

It is unbelievable, but nothing is impossible for God.  In a crisis in which thousands of private schools have had to close, the Diospi-Suyana-School has a complete, motivated, healthy and competent team of staff that is ready for action.  Never in the past seven years were we able to offer solely lessons given by qualified staff, i.e. that none of the 28 teaching staff have to teach subjects they have not studied.

Currently the “profesores” are preparing everything for the new academic year that is due to start on the 8th March.  They have spent four weeks taking part in specialised training courses, have planned the whole school year and have completed all the work relating to the resit examinations.  In the upcoming first week of March the first parents’ evenings will take place and the new routines will be practised.  This is necessary, since once again the school is reinventing itself.  This year our school is adding something to the weekly distribution of the teaching materials; namely, a virtual teaching platform and live-lessons held via ZOOM.  This should make our service better and more interactive.  However, technically and logistically this is a mammoth challenge, but it is absolutely crucial, since classroom teaching has been forbidden at Peruvian schools for 14 months now!

In the coming weeks we will report in more detail about the aspects of our new school-life on this website. In the pandemic our school-team needs especially health and perseverance.  Please pray for us. /CB

They know exactly that the upcoming academic year will be a real challenge.