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Does God really give Birthday and Christmas presents?

What do you think?

God is good and if you believe what the Bible says he personifies Love.  But does he occasionally add a little present to our pile of presents in order to give us some extra joy on our festive days?  The following report is from personal experience.

Making contact to the media and companies is part of my job description.  On 5th and 6th May 2016 I spoke to some employees of the Argentinian satellite operator ARSAT in Buenos Aires regarding the biggest possible spread of our radio programmes.  The next morning I met a journalist from ARD in a small coffee shop.  She had contacted us via email and was looking for a topic for the German editorial staff.

Ten months later Chris Welch and I travelled to Rio de Janeiro and presented our Media Centre in Hispamar’s – a communication company – headquarters (above photo).  That afternoon I met ARD’s South Africa correspondent.  Between opening and closing my laptop 220 pictures had flown across the screen.  And within no time I was back in the hustle and bustle of Rio’s streets.  The lady from Buenos Aires had arranged the meeting at short notice.

Since that conversation with ARD I had prayed – at least 200 times – that God should make a TV-report out of our efforts.  But nothing happened.  Two years later the correspondent headed back to Germany and the chances of a film melted like butter in the sun.  But fortunately God has plenty of time and his timing is always perfect!

On my 60th birthday.  The TV-team arrived in Curahuasi a couple of hours before and so they could take part in the celebrations.

Four and a half years after my flight to Argentina and three and a half years after my whistle-stop trip to Brazil and punctually to my 60th birthday a film crew arrived in Curahuasi and the filming could start.  What a present for my very round birthday.

And then for Christmas on 23rd and 24th December ARTE broadcast the documentary in four European countries.  What a Christmas present!

We Christians firmly reckon with God’s goodness, but we are sometimes surprised that He gives us presents perfectly timed to special occasions. /KDJ


By clicking on the picture you can watch the documentary.