Do you know of another hospital…

…where something like this occurred?

Currently libraries are being filled books, articles etc. containing studies on the extreme emotional burden that those working on the Covid-stations are going through.  The psychological effects range from exhaustion, depression to a complete burnout.  Our doctors and nurses are also exposed to these stress-factors.  To achieve some alleviation Viola Lentink realised a wonderful idea: she baked muffins and decorated a table in the Covid-station’s changing room. 30 sweet delicacies, with saying cards – everything decorated colourfully – for the 30, often tired, members of our team.

Yesterday, where normally at the start of the shift protective clothing is put on and the tension starts, the members of staff received a fresh boost of motivation and went encouraged to the first patients.  For this positive boost Viola Lentink deserves the most beautiful rose flowering in the hospital garden.  It can be seen below.  And we say “Uspalay!“ (Thank you in Quechua).

With specially-chosen saying cards.  On this one for example the verse is written: “(S)He who believes in eternity sees time in a new way!”
Viola and John Lentink with their children.  From left to right Joshua, Noah and Matthias.
A rose from the hospital garden for Viola Lentink. A thank you on behalf of the whole team: it consists of 270 people.
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