Our Vision

Since the conquest of South America by the Spaniards in the 16th century the Indians have lived on the bottom rung of the social ladder. The Indians still suffer from racial discrimination and prejudice. Indians have only limited access to modern medical facilities for financial reasons and/or lack of available infra-structure. The number of medical doctors in mountainous areas, where three quarters of the Indians live, is as low as 3 per 10,000 inhabitants (USA 30). This results in both a high infant mortality rate and a low average life expectancy. The Christian Faith was used by the Spanish oppressors as a means of suppression.

In light of this situation our objectives are designed to improve medical care for the Indians and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Moreover, we aim to enhance the social status of indigenous people and we will try to heighten public awareness in industrialized countries with regard to the fate of South American Indians.

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