Diospi Suyana’s finances

Member of staff discuss the use of money for three hours

More than 40 missionaries met last night in Diospi Suyana children’s hospital to think about various possible investments in Peru.

How much money do the Hospital, the School and the Media Centre need for their respective tasks?

Since we now have more fields in which we are active, we need to invest more time into a detailed budget planning.  Everyone present shared the opinion that transparency, integrity and good stewardship are quintessential for any missionary work.

Even though discussions about finance sometimes inflame passions, there was generally a consensus about the defined targets

Since its inception Diospi Suyana has received donations worth USD26mio and has used them according to its statutory goals.  This money was used to build a modern hospital for the poor, a dental- and eye-clinic, a house for many children’s clubs, a school and a media centre.  So far 226,000 patients have been treated and, since the hospital was founded in 2007, we have refused no poor patient medical treatment.  On the contrary, Diospi Suyana is the only hospital in the whole of Peru that gives poor people preferential treatment.

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