The first visitors have arrived

One of them would love to get to work right now

Daniel Müller, who hails from Baden-Württemberg, is holding the Orthopaedic Workshop’s doorknob tightly.  From November onwards this will be where he will be employing his knowledge as a technician.  He and his dad arrived in Curahuasi yesterday and will join in the celebrations.  Irrespective of jetlag Daniel would love to roll up his sleeves and start work right now.

It was a mere seven months ago when the initial plans for the Orthopaedic Workshop were being discussed.  Today the bungalow is in exactly the place where it should be and Daniel can start designing the interior.

Olaf Böttger, president of Diospi Suyana e.V. and his sister Annette, our chartered account who manages the destiny of our foundation, are standing next to him.  For the past 15 years Olaf and Annette have worked immensely hard for the good cause in Peru.  In three day we will all reconvene in the Amphitheatre having hopefully successfully completed a considerable outstanding workload.

January 2017. Daniel Müller, Udo Klemenz and Dr. John plan the building of the Orthopaedic Workshop.
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