A second well for Diospi Suyana


It is only a matter of time

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, today’s date, 11th November, has no special significance for the inhabitants of Curahuasi, sorry for all you who love to celebrate the start of the carnival season!  Our focus of attention is the well drilling next to the Colegio, which means that the hospital extension has taken a bit of a back seat. After long negotiations with Fa. Turbodrill from Arequipa and further geological tests we could finally set the drill in place at 2 p.m. on Monday afternoon to hopefully solve the school’s water shortage problem.  We pray that the geologists are right and that after a drilling depth of maximum of 50m we will find drinkable water.

For those of you interested in the hard facts, here you go: planned drilling depth 75m; drilling diameter 8“; plumbery of the drilling hole 6“; water-pump and feed pipe 2“.

Having reached a drilling depth of 35m the drilling facility stopped working due to various problems.  Our drilling master is waiting for new parts to arrive in order to repair it.  Unfortunately, as so often in Peru, the drilling facility has not been properly looked after and maintained so these kinds of occurrences are common.  We hope that the work can proceed soon.

Otherwise we are continuing with the plastering work and all remaining minor jobs!  The iron works for the emergency bridge are in full swing.

Wishing you a good weekend and many greetings, Udo

The drilling begins.
The drill makes headway.
The drill head became gummed up and so the drilling rods had to be hoisted up again.
Plastering work at the stairwell.
Construction work for the emergency bridge.
One can recognise that this will become a bridge!
Snow-covered mountains after a very rainy night in Curahuasi.
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