The courageous fight of a young boy

Junge mit akutem Abdomen im OP
And what is the diagnosis?

Jose Huaman is only 8 years old, but he has already been through a lot. 4 weeks ago, the Quecha boy was operated on in a hospital in the south Peruvian town of Sicuani. The surgeons removed his appendix and he returned home shortly thereafter. But he continued to have pain. Nausea and vomiting were added to his pain.

His parents took him to Cusco and he was admitted to a clinic there for treatment. But after his discharge, Jose continued to have colic like symptoms and was becoming even weaker.

Hospital Diospi Suyana was the third place of refuge for the family. Because of the diagnosis- intestinal obstruction, the boy needed to be operated on again. In the intestinal loop there were hard formed balls of excrement, tough like cement. Dr. Annette Haar removed the feces and fixed the intestinal loop. Sadly, after this procedure there was still no improvement. 2 days ago the abdomen was reopened. The peritoneum was profoundly infected- without a clear cause.

Since yesterday Jose seems to be on his way back up, out of this deep valley. He is eating light foods and has gained great strength. 3 hospitals and 3 operations in one month are not easy for anyone to endure. Even though the clinical history remains unclear, we are happy that it seems like things are getting better.  (*Name changed)

Junge mit akutem Abdomen Darminhalt
The feces were similar to that of a hard cement.
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This young boy is a great fighter.
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