A Zigzag course over three continents

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The long path to the book

By invitation from the American publishing company, Zondervan, Dr. John gave a presentation in front of about 100 Media representatives in Miami on the 2nd of May in 2012. Nelsa Zolezzi from Lima, is sitting amidst the audience. With her organization “Desarollo Cristiano”, she distributes books to Peruvian schools. She is immediately electrified from the story.

The missionary doctor and Nelsa Zolezzi meet in the capital of Peru on the 27th of May. Nelsas’ conclusion: We need the topic ”Diospi Suyana” as a childrens book. Viviana Veli comes to Lima in August 2012. She works for the Publisher JUCUM in Texas. When she hears about Diospi Suyana she is immediately excited.

The missionary doctor lands in Seattle, Oregon for a few hours on the 4th of September. In the publishing house from JUCUM, he tells one of the directors about the hospital in the mountains of South Peru. Tom Bragg keeps it short: “We will add this book to our selection!” But of course it has to be written first.

On a long night from the west to the east coast in the US. One day later, Janet and Geoff Benge are sitting with Dr. John in a hotel in Orlando, Florida. The couple from New Zealand decide immediately: We will write the book for children and youth. Sure enough, one and a half years later, the book “Hope in the Land of the Incas” arrives on the English book market.
March 2016: The publisher JUCUM introduces the book “Hope in the Land of the Incas” and the family Welch in a magazine that is sent to 40,000 families in the USA. The audio book comes out at the same time. This amazing development began with a 15 minute presentation in a Hotel in Miami. It is said, that God writes straight on crooked lines.


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