A distant look into the future 6 months

Spital von vorne slider2
The extension of the hospital is on its way

From May on the roofing company will begin to take off the roof of the hospital in the central area. Then the hour has come for Udo Klemenz and his team. Without disturbing the patients and nurses on the first floor, an additional floor should be built. We hope, that the roof will be closed up again by October before the beginning of the rain season.

On the picture you can see a new stairway in the middle point. The inpatient ward will be enlarged by 1000m2 through the planned construction. On the right-hand side there is an emergency exit form the first floor to the embankment. The media center (left) is not drawn in.

Spital ganz slider1
We envision a hospital with a 100 beds.
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