The day after

We rub our eyes

Huge relief and thankfulness all round.  In the media centre Doris Manco was delighted about the one hour broadcast on National TV.  In the next few days we expect programmes in the TV channels 4, 5, 9 and Betel.  Hundreds of thousands of Peruvians heard about Diospi Suyana during its anniversary celebrations and learnt a lot about the Hospital of Faith this weekend.

Journalist Monica Belling (in green / centre) takes photographs in the waiting room.

After the church service the daily hospital routine resumed and the 126 seats in the Hospital were taken.  That morning Monica Belling from the magazine “Proactivo“ was shown the Hospital.  On Thursday she witnessed the tricky security situation and declared that the celebrations’ peaceful character was due to God’s intervention.

News broadcast on Radio Diospi Suyana

Reynaldo Tintaya and Margot Rimachi inform the inhabitants of Curahuasi about the newest events.  President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, yesterday our guest of honour at our 10th anniversary celebration, welcomes the Bolivian President Evo Morales.

A children’s festival that afternoon moderated by Jesus Hurtado and his wife Gladys.

Great atmosphere in the amphitheatre.  Roughly 800 children and grown-ups took part in the colourful festival that took place from 3-5 pm.

Excitement and fascination

The canopy roof provides us with undreamed of opportunities to use this attractive ambiance in several ways.  In future we plan to use it for Christian youth festivals.  The new roof protects the visitors from UV radiation, the sun and the rain.  A big step forward for Diospi Suyana.

A concert in the amphitheatre

That evening musicians from Diospi Suyana invited everyone to their concert.  A film presentation was next on the day’s programme.  It was noticeable that the canopy kept in the heat as the night’s cool settled over the rest of the compound.

A dramatic x-ray

On a daily basis doctors and nurses help many patients.  Here one example which happened yesterday.  Too much air has collected between the lung and the ribcage of this Quechua-patient.  Through the high pressure the heart has moved to the other side: a life-threatening situation.

X-ray of the lungs

Surgeon Reinhard Kühn immediately put drainage in place by which he saved the patient’s life.

Music, prayer and pastoral care via the radio. Reynaldo Tintaya and Doris Manco’s good moods are unwavering even at so late an hour.

From 10pm on Friday to 5am on Saturday Diospi-Suyana-Radio organised a „Vigilia“. The musical programme was enhanced by prayers, testimonies and words from the Book of all books.

At 11pm the first patients were already waiting at the fences around the Hospital hoping to be first in the queue for tomorrow’s coupons (entrance tickets). They were asked to move to sheltered accommodation next to the porter’s lodge.

For today (Saturday) Diospi Suyana has organised a sporting event in Curahuasi.  At 7pm, as the final highlight, a Gala-Dinner is being held for all the 250 colleagues and missionaries of Diospi Suyana.

Diospi Suyana has taken its place firmly in Peruvian society.  The state is aware of the far-reaching meaning of its charitable efforts.  That is why the President came from the capital to Curahuasi with three of his ministers.  In these unstable political times the government sent 550 police to safeguard our anniversary celebrations.  And last but by no means least the waiting patients, who endure the night outside our Hospital, show how important the missionary hospital’s service is for the Quechua-Indians living in the mountains.

As we always say “Soli Deo Gloria – all glory is to be given to God!“

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