C – A Chronology – as if it were a dream come true

All our prayers were answered

At 10:20 the President landed in the third helicopter and was cordially welcomed by the missionary doctor couples John and Haßfeld, by the State Governor and by the Mayor.  The guided tour through the Hospital lasted half an hour.  In the hospital ward Dr John points to a painting in the light shaft, which shows the feeding of the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish. “Mr President that is the story of Diospi Suyana!” says the missionary doctor. “We had no money, no equipment, no colleagues.  But God made something big from the little we had!”

The Head of State interviewed patients in two patient wards.  They hail from three different states and all of them without exception express their satisfaction with the staff and how they were treated at Diospi Suyana.

Probably everyone who walked with the dignitaries towards the packed amphitheatre shared the feeling of deep gratitude.  Sunshine and a magical ambiance.  An enthusiastic audience and stirring music floating from the stage.  The official protocol could start.

After the entrance of the pupils of the Diospi-Suyana-School, the Peruvians joined in singing their National Anthem.  A remarkable number of the people present joined in singing the German National Anthem.

Beaming faces all around.  A cheerful President, three ministers and one deputy minister, dignitaries from all walks of society.  In his welcome speech Dr John quipped: “Our guest list today reminds me a bit of an excerpt from Wikipedia!”

The first hour of the ceremony was broadcast live across the whole of Peru.  We will never know how many Peruvians watched the presentation of the Hospital of Faith in their living rooms.  In her address Dr Martina John referred to the cross of Christ and the empty tomb as the basis of our work.

The Celebration of Joy, which lasted 2.5 hours and which was not disturbed in any way, was witnessed by roughly 4,000 visitors in the amphitheatre and countless watching National TV.  They all heard the message that even in the 21st century it is worth trusting God.  (More information to follow in due course).

The President lands in the third helicopter.
Guided tour through the Hospital.
Group photo with nurses of the hospital ward. Left next to the President stands Dra. Patricia Garcia, the health minister.
Singing the National Anthem with hand on their hearts.
A Diospi Suyana presentation witnessed by a full amphitheatre and broadcast live across the country.
The President says “thank you“.
Group photo on the stage.
A full house.
The President and his ministers bid the crowd farewell and leave the stage.
Hearty applause for the School’s dancing group.
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