The Diospi Suyana Calendar – it is not just about the pictures…


… but about the message!

The Diospi Suyana Calendar is becoming more and more popular by the year.  It provides an insight into the world of the Quechua-Indians and the various areas of our work.

Ryan Morigeau took above photo.  It shows the real-life of this small school child.  On the right the observer notices the girl’s family background.  Her surroundings are marked by bitter poverty, but as she is a pupil in the Colegio Diospi Suyana she has the prospect of a bright future.  So one picture can tell a story of despair and hope simultaneously.

Two Quechua-women meet.

How long did Viola Lentink have to lie in wait near to the path to take this snap-shot? Only she knows.  Both Indian-women carry their burdens on their backs.  But, nevertheless, they have time for a friendly chat.

The 2017 selection contains 14 expressive photos.  You can order your personal copy of the 2017 calendar for only €8,50 from our office (excluding postage and packaging – if you buy more than 10, postage and packaging are included).  The calendars make the ideal Christmas present!

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