Why is building engineer Udo Klemenz so beside himself with joy?


The roof of the house is finished

Dear Diospi Suyana friends, Halleluja!  The roof is finished and has successfully survived its first torrential downpour.  Now only minor works (finishing touches to the roof, the gutters, the coverings and the drainpipes) need to be taken care of.

Putting the heavy and bulky fire safety boards into place turned out to be quite an easy exercise.  Apart from the plasterers everyone had to come on board and so the whole exercise was finished within three days.  Once again Oebele de Haan, the workshop manager, and the lift he constructed himself were key elements to our success.  Thank you very much Oebele!

In the meantime the big tidy-up has started.  The working platforms and the casing of the ceiling joists have been deconstructed and by and large have been moved out of the buildings. Accrued construction waste from the roof covering and metal waste from the steel construction have also been removed.

At the end of the month the first staff reduction will take place.  Then the interior craftworks (finery, screed, door framings, lightweight partition walls, etc…) will be started.

I am thankful to God and overjoyed that all the structural works are finished ten days before my ambitious deadline (31st October) and that we had no accidents.  With best regards from rainy Curahuasi, Udo.

The roof above the stairwell.
The roughly 10 metre long fire safety boards are lifted up.
All hands are needed to heave them into the building.
Put into their final position.
This is what it now looks like under the roof.
The working platforms are disassembled.
The lift is dismantled.
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