Breaking News – Diospi Suyana staff get their Corona vaccinations

A small prick, but great vaccination protection

One would hardly notice that it hurt Dr Thomas Tielmann.  The vascular surgeon was one of the first who dared to bare their upper arm.  Following breakfast our medical staff lined up in the Amphitheatre and got their jabs one after the other.  The Chinese vaccine produced by the company Sinopharm has been used worldwide countless times.  Doctors and nurses will receive two doses.  The aim of the vaccinations is to protect our staff and to significantly reduce the spread of the virus.  We are delighted that Peru has bought enough material for all those working in the medical field.  And rumour has it that the small prick does not really hurt that much. /KDJ

Dr. Jens Haßfeld waiting for the sharp needle, musing “Will it hurt?”
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