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Radio Diospi Suyana

A construction crew dissembles the hospital

1 Der Hubwagen im Einsatz slider
And everybody is happy about it

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana, the dismantling of the roof through a subcontractor is finished. I am happy and thankful, that this work could be finished without accidents and faster than expected. A big help was our hand fork lift, with which it was absolutely easy to lift the rafters of the concrete pillars.

In the first construction phase the brickwork is underway and the first lintels are already poured-in-place. Now it is time to start preparing the formwork for the upper level ceiling. Unfortunately this time we don’t have PERI-formwork at hand and it is going to be a very wearisome task to pull up the heavy material and eucalyptus wood beams over 20 feet without a crane.
A blessed weekend to you all, Udo

2 Die letzten beiden Sparrenpaare werden abtransportiert slider
The last two pairs of rafters are taken down.
3 Die Platte ist geputzt slider
The ceiling plate is cleaned.
Der Moertel wird von Hand trocken gemischt slider
The mortar is being mixed dry by Hand.
5 Es wird fleißig gemauert slider
Busy brickwork
6 Langsam nimmt es Formen an slider
Steady progress
Betonieren von Fensterstuerzen slider
Pouring of the lintels
Grippeimpfung slider
The workers are getting their mandatory flu shots.
Container 52 slider
Discharging of Container 52