Is risk awarded?

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Two newspaper aricles on the same day

Nathanael and Isabelle Hach will move to Peru in a few months. They want to work in the nursing department of the hospital for 3 years. The newspapaer “Hanauer Anzeiger” recently published a big article about this risk loving couple. Rightly so, because there are not so many people who dare to take such a brave step.

On the same day there was another long article published in the “Westdeutsche Zeitung”. Christian Bigalke and his wife Verena are traveling these days through Germany and are reporting about the past three years in Peru. As the principal of the Diospi Suyana school left Germany with his family in 2013 many thought of him as crazy. His former boss brought it to the following formula:” Mr. Bigalke, what you are planing to do is a Kamikaze-stunt!”

In retrospective the ” Westdeutsche Zeitung” newspaper sees it differently and writes:” The trust in God was not disappointed!” Naturally we don’ t want to try every insanity  with the hope that God is going to fix it somehow. But when we are living in his name, then he doens’t forsake the ones that trust in him. The life of many christians tells us a lot of times more than 100 sermons on Sunday morning.

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