Wanted: a location for our aerial tower

It is a six-hour car-journey from Curahuasi to Sicuani. Diospi Suyana plans to build an aerial tower near the city of 50,000 inhabitants within the next few months.  Yesterday Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre, negotiated with representatives of the town council of “Comunidad Capesina de Chumo”.  They talked about a plot of land at an altitude of 4,000m.  On 24th November the whole community will come together to discuss our request – we pray for a positive outcome of the participants.

A thank you to Doris Manco who persuasively campaigned for our radio project.

The demand exceeds supply

Our doctors and nurses can treat up to 250 patients a day.  That makes 5,000 a month or 60,000 in one year.  But the demand is far greater.  Daily we receive emails or phone-calls from across the country.  People tell us about their physical needs and ask for an appointment.

We have a rule that we never make any appointments via internet of telephone.  Every patient has to join the queue outside the hospital.  The reason for this decision is simple: if we offered electronic entrance tickets, these would be quickly taken by the middle and upper classes and those people whom we primarily want to help, namely the Quechua-Indians, would go away empty-handed.

Rich patients have access to the private clinics in Peru’s metropoleis.  The queue in front of the main entrance favours the financially less well-off patients.  As they hardly have any other alternative, they wait patiently from the early hours of the day.  Most of the upper class would not be prepared to do that.

Despite the fact that we treat more patients each successive year, no solution is apparent.  For every one thankful patient who returns home, four of his/her neighbours, relatives or friends make their way to Curahuasi.  Peru’s health system needs a radical overhaul: the insufficiency and corruption must be overcome.  The patients do not want to be seen as customers, but as people rightly seeking respect and compassion.  Peru still has a long way to go. /KDJ

13th November Antwerp – 6th December Lima/Callao

Lots of good things for all of our departments are heading to Peru.  But the question remains as to whether Customs will release all the boxes and furniture in time for Christmas.  Peruvian bureaucracy works slowly and seems to slow down as the year-end draws nearer.

Yesterday morning the following six volunteers showed their muscles in the warehouse: Detlev Hofmann, Thomas Kaal, Simon Undt, Markus Müller, Konrad Böttger and Olaf Böttger; names to be remembered and that would be an asset to your team, should you ever need to pack a 40-foot container!

A “dankeschön“ to our valiant friends and the company Medipool that stores our donations in kind free of charge.  Now we wish the ship’s captain a speedy and safe crossing.

The faces speak volumes: loading a container is fun!

Protocol from the kindergarten building site

Hello dear Diospi Friends, yesterday we concreted the screed in the entire outer entrance area.  Next week the access ramp stands on our to-do list and then the concrete-works will be nearing completion.  The eastern façade has been plastered; the western façade is nearly complete.

In the upstairs main hall 95% of the floor tiles have been laid.  Once the doors are in place the end profiles and skirting tiles will be put in place.  The soffit is ready for the painter and plasterer and the electrician is busy wiring the empty conduits.

The plumber continues installing further sanitary items.  The dividing walls for the toilets will be put in place in two weeks.  Putting the windows and doors in place is unfortunately not progressing as quickly as we had hoped.  We expect that the subcontractor will not be able to make the agreed deadline and will thus have to pay the contractual penalty.

On Tuesday the necessary parts for the lift-shaft finally arrived and the work there resumed.  Wishing you a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo.

Screed works in the entrance area.

The drainage channel runs in front of the balustrade

Plastering works on the western façade.

Above: the smoothed festival hall’s roof is ready to be painted; below: floor tiles cover the floor.

Tiling work where the hall meets the foyer.

Painting in the tea-kitchen.

A urinal is being hung up in the boys’ toilet.

Entrance to one of the group rooms.

Work on the elevator shaft has been taken up again.

The horizon stretches to Bulgaria

After presentations in Rottweil in the morning and in Munderkingen I arrive in Kressbronn at nightfall.  The city near Lake Constance plays an important role for Diospi Suyana.  It is here where Ivaylo and Helena Iovtchev live with their three children.  Sitting around his dinner table an hour before midnight, Ivaylo shows me pages covered with Cyrillic words.  The Bulgarian has already translated half of the book “I have seen God” into his mother tongue.  We hope that we will be able to organise a presentation tour to Bulgaria in the autumn of 2020.

After breakfast the Iovtchevs hand me an envelope.  At Ivaylo’s 50th they had collected more than €1,500.  This generous donation is for Diospi Suyana in general, but more specifically for the “Bulgarian book project.”  Instead that someone pays Ivaylo for his translation work, he turns the tables and raises money for Diospi Suyana.

We can hardly wait to spread the word about God’s miracles in Sofia and in other Bulgarian towns.  A final handshake and we say our goodbyes.  He is off to Lindau for work, I am driving around Lake Constance on my way to two appointments in Switzerland.

Ivaylo & Helena Iovtchev festively present an envelope.

The photo of the birthday guests. Ivaylo & Helena Iovtchev stand behind the 50.

Our general surgeon is a doctor with passion

Dr Olga Koop (right in the picture) and her assistant Angela (left), hailing from Lima, currently form a power-team in the missionary hospital.  The pair shuttle between the operating theatres, the hospital ward and the consulting rooms in the outpatient department.  For the past few years the abdominal surgeon worked as a senior doctor in Bielefeld.  Now she is applying what she has learnt in order to be a blessing to our patients.

Despite two-thirds of the licensed physicians in Germany being women, they constitute only 18% of the total number of surgeons.  Olga is one of them.  The lady with the warm aura and the golden hands has already found her place at Diospi Suyana.  She is a top-casting.  She could well have used the next few years working in Germany and climbing up the career ladder.  She passed her thesis and her final university examination with straight As, the best grades possible.  But the devout Christian saw her calling at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  We are truly thankful that our talented colleague is working with us and wish her God’s blessing day and night.

An overview in words and pictures

Dear Friends, this week we continued last week’s works. All walls, joists and supports have been plastered and the screed has been applied in the entrance hall.  The walls in the toilets have been tiled and we have started laying the floor tiles.  The porcelain tiles, the special glue and the vinyl flooring for the kindergarten rooms have arrived on site.

The concrete ceilings of the ground floor have been smoothed bar those in the office and the storage room.  Currently the painter is applying the second base coating.

The plasterers are working on the outside plastering.  We have stopped work on the eye clinic’s lift shaft, since we are still missing the necessary installation parts.

Cordial greetings from summerly-warm Curahuasi and wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

Plastering the concrete supports in the entrance hall.

The screed in the entrance hall.

Tiling work in the guest-toilet.

Unloading the porcelain tiles – each packet weighs 30 kg

The smoothed concrete ceiling in the children’s toilets.

Roughing up the smooth concrete surface for a better adhesion of the plasterwork.

External plastering on the upper floor on the northern façade.

The stage construction.

All is calm around the lift shaft.

Rebecca Meininger and Leonie Hilliges out themselves with a daring statement

Now they have arrived, having spent many months striving towards the goal.  Nurse Rebecca from Erfurt and pharmacist Leonie from Monheim (NRW) have set their minds on spending three years of their lives working in a voluntary capacity at the Hospital Diospi Suyana, supported financially solely by their network of friends.

The first picture of the two of them in their new world shows the new arrivals standing under a sign: “Feel like home in Peru!”

It is a daring statement.  Bearing in mind the Peruvian poverty and misery it is a real challenge for Europeans or US-Americans to feel really at home here.  It is one thing exploring the touristic sights like Machu Picchu during a holiday, but quite another investing several years of one’s life for the Mountain Indians.

But somehow Rebecca and Leonie are right.  The two devout Christians see their time at Diospi Suyana as a calling from God.  Jesus did say: “What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me!”  And wherever we live out this calling we are in the right place and thus at home.

We wish the two ladies a blessed start in the Andes and are delighted that they have finally arrived.  Thumbs up!!

Feel like home in Peru!

Our occupational therapy: a dream for children

In the long-desired ball-bath children can playfully and easily develop motor skills.  For a couple of days now children and parents jump in and around the bath and simply love it.  We congratulate our occupational therapists headed by Susi Rottler and want to book a one-hour ball-bath-therapy session: for fun, relaxation and stress-reduction.

Occupational therapist Susi Rottler in her element.

500 colouring-in Bibles

In January Renate and her husband Fabius, living in Munich, wrote: ”We want to give you 500 colouring-in Bibles which you can pass on to many children in Peru!  Would that be possible? If so, please let us know where in Germany we should send the Bibles!”

The beautiful picture-Bibles have been in use for a while now and the kids love creatively designing them.  Colourful pictures, age-appropriate texts and a message of hope.  A brilliant project.

A big “dankeschön” to South Germany.  We wish Curahuasi’s children lots of fun colouring-in.

Time passes so much more quickly in the hospital if one has the colouring-in Bible to hand.

The small Quechua girl proudly presents her painting skills.

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