You can find them in the freezers of the supermarket chain Edeka

At Edeka supermarkets you can buy Schnari’s delicious stuffed cabbage rolls and support Diospi Suyana at the same time.  Schnari, a company based in Saxony, has been supporting our work in Peru for several years.  A cordial “dankeschön” to Family Scharnweber, the company’s owners, for coming up with this brilliant idea.  All that remains for me is to wish all our friends “bon appetit!”

The product of your choice can be bought at Edeka.

When you buy this product you are supporting Diospi Suyana, a hospital of faith in Peru.

Love and sympathy are always possible – but that is not enough

The Quechua Indian guides the spoon to her mother’s mouth.  For the old patient her daughter’s smile is just as important as the delicious noodle soup she is enjoying that comes directly from the hospital’s kitchen.  The grey-haired lady has experienced life’s highs and lows.  But now her strength is dwindling and without the oxygen she receives she would hardly be able to straighten her body.

5:30 p.m. dinner time.  A lady on the intensive care unit is about to die.  A massive pulmonary embolism and a serious pancreatitis are too much for her heart to cope with.  Her closest relatives are sitting around her bed with tear-filled eyes. In the outpatient rooms the doctors are treating the final patients of the day.  Was the long journey worth it?  Everyone came full of hope to Curahuasi, but tomorrow some will return home sad, even heartbroken.  Even modern medicine has its limits.

Illness, aging and death.  A smile and a comforting word make our fate somewhat lighter.  But only for a short while. But the true solution lies elsewhere.  Everyone sitting in the morning services in the hospital church hears about God, who in the person of Jesus Christ, stretches out his hand of love to everyone.  “I am going with you through your life and will be at your side when your final hour strikes!” is what he promised in the Book of all Books.  “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.”  This promise is for you, for me, for everyone living on this planet.  There is no alternative to this comfort. /KDJ

During the moring service in the hospital church. Our hope has one name: Jesus Christ!

Youths hailing from six countries spend one week at Diospi Suyana

In the past week Diospi Suyana’s children’s clubs experienced a colourful programme in the Amphitheatre.  This event was special, because 35 youths from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Germany and Austria organised it together.  On Saturday evening a delicious meal was laid on for each South American participant and they received a small gift as the starter.  It was the seventh time that Chilean youths worked at Diospi Suyana.  Since the War of the Pacific (1879-1884) the relationship between Chile and Peru is strained.  At Diospi Suyana, however, everyone enjoyed the peaceful, friendly and jovial atmosphere.

Reveals a totally different world

Many anthropologists are convinced that the Huaorani Indians would no longer exist had the tragic events in January 1956 not taken place.  This tribe lived secluded in Ecuador’s rainforest.  Due to their cruel system of blood revenge the various clans were decimating themselves to such a degree that their extinction was only a matter of time.

Five missionaries tried to reach this primitive Stone Age tribe.  In the first week of January 1956 Nate Saint, James Elliot, Edward McCully, Peter Fleming and Roger Youderin landed on a sandbank in the rainforest and had made contact with three members of the tribe on the 6th January.  Two days later, on the 8th January, six Huarorani warriors killed them with their spears.  The missionaries had weapons, but only shot in the air so that they would kill none of the attackers.

The death of these young men aged 27-32, caused a worldwide interest in missionary work 63 years ago.  An army of doctors, social workers, nurses and pastors decided to serve God and their neighbour in the mission field.

Many Huaorani witnesses credibly report that the heavens opened immediately after their massacre of the missionaries.  They saw a multitude of supernatural beings all of whom were singing a wonderful song.  This event left such an impression on the tribe that hundreds of them became Christians themselves over the next few years.  Blood revenge was a thing of the past and the survival of the Huaoranis is no longer in danger.

Steve Saint, son of the pilot Nate Saint, was baptised by his father’s murderer, while his aunt spent 20 years living among the Huaoranis.

This glimpse into a world that is almost always concealed from our eyes reminds us of the hope of eternal life in God’s presence.  The human suffering that we are confronted with at the Hospital Diospi Suyana on a daily basis, loses some of its sting and bitterness.  God’s reality is waiting for us on the other side of the curtain, where there will be no more tears, sickness or death.

During our time at the Hospital Vozandes del Oriente from 1999 to 2003 my wife and I regularly treated Huaoranis, many of whom told us that it was due to the spread of Christianity in their tribe that their fear of evil spirits vanished.  I came across the above picture last week on a wall of the CBN’s TV channel building in Virginia Beach. /KDJ

Many talents were discovered and furthered

This year is the first year that the Diospi-Suyana-School can provide an extensive holiday programme.  Under Luis Poma Tacuri‘s, a primary school teacher, headship a team of teachers laid on interesting workshops during the month of January, ranging from modern dance, painting and textile work to oratory and chess.  There was a theatre club for budding actors and for the fully-trained sportsmen three types of sport.

In Peru the summer holidays last for ten weeks.  Thanks to our holiday programme boredom could not find any footing what so ever.  The programme focused mainly on promoting talent.  The pictures show snapshots of the grand final event to which all parents were invited.  The success of the courses we offered has also resulted in pupils from other schools applying to the Colegio Diospi Suyana.

At the same time 50 pupils were getting ready for the resits: over the course of one month they had lessons during the week and extensive exams at the weekend.  The good news is that all pupils passed the exams at their second attempt! Congratulations!

Currently our teaching team is working on the school’s syllabus.  Only recently – with considerable delay compared to Europe – has “competence orientation” started to play a role in Peruvian schools.  The aim is to prepare the pupils adequately for our globalised and quickly-changing society.  This paradigm shift requires not only a change of mindset as regards the teaching, but also as regards the exam structure.  We thank everyone who prays for our pupils and teachers./CB

What the young artists came up with.

Our youngest pupils performing folklore dance.

And cordial congratulations from Diospi Suyana

It was a very long journey, but yesterday the missionary doctors Dr Thomas Tielmann and Dr Mark Gingerich received their life-long Peruvian doctor’s license.  In the Medical Chamber’s celebration hall in Cusco Dean Dr Héctor Paucar Sotomayor found fitting words.

For Diospi Suyana these documents are extremely important, since without a license no doctor may work at the missionary hospital.  We wish our two colleagues success and God’s rich blessing for their work at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.

The Dean is wearing a white blazer.  Yesterday a total of eight doctors received their certificates.

At least from the outside

Dear Diospi Friends, this week again we have made good progress on various fronts.  The Media Centre’s outside façade shines in its new splendour (admittedly the plinth still has to be painted) and no one would guess that a mere seven months ago the building only had two storeys!

We are making good progress on the interior construction and the finishing line is in sight.  All offices (including the studios), the toilets and the so-called Copy-Box are completely tiled.  The tilers are now laying the floor tiles in the corridors and on the new staircase.

The window maker has put all the door frames in place and the first door has just been put in!  The support-structure for the octagonal Team-Box, a small glass conference room in the middle of the corridor, is also in place.  We will only commence with the vitrification (10mm thick laminated safety glass) once the floor tiles are in.

The suspended ceiling is in place and the electrician is currently putting in the LED-lamps.  The plumber is installing the sanitary objects in both toilets and the painter has started his work on the offices’ ceilings.

Operating Theatre Extension: the roof is covered and next week work will start on the roof-boarding, rain gutters and rainwater inlets.

Inside we have stripped the formwork of the reinforced concrete ceiling, cut the existing outside window-sills to size, taken out the old windows and have walled up the window openings.  We are preparing everything to make the break-through to the existing Operating Theatre wing.  Two masons have started work on the interior plastering.

Work has started again on the Kindergarten Building Site: 14 foundation pits have so far been excavated and the soil exchange (putting in a type of lean concrete) is complete.

Master craftsman Oebele de Haan has successfully installed the hydraulic car lift, donated by the Dutch company Stertil Koni, which works fantastically.  Cordial greetings from Curahuasi, which today is unpleasantly cold and wet, and wishing you a relaxing weekend, Udo

Tiling the access stairwell.

The first office door is in place.

The support-structure for the octagonal Team-Box.

Installation of the sanitary objects.

The roof is on the Operating Theatre.

Stripping the formwork of the Operating Theatre Extension’s reinforced concrete ceiling.

Removing the window sills and the burglary bars…

… and walling up the openings.

This is where the break-through to the existing operating theatre wing will be made.

The Kindergarten Building Site as seen on 5th February 2019.

Positive development of donations in 2018

Last year Diospi Suyana received 13,659 individual donations from across the globe, 438 more than in 2017.  Since 2004 private individuals have donated USD22.343mio to Diospi Suyana, 230 companies have made donations in kind valued at USD7.501mio.  This means that private individuals make up more than 75% of our support.

We most cordially and gratefully thank all friends and companies who support us in the development and operation of our fields of work.  Diospi Suyana is active in four areas:

  1. The running of a missionary hospital with 0.33m patient visits to date;
  2. The running of a school;
  3. The running of a Media Centre though a radio and TV-channel; and
  4. The running of 12 children’s clubs which are attended by up to 400 children each week.

Total amount of donations: Left: donations from private individuals. Right: donations from companies.

Today Vera Schilp and Karin Straßheim from our home office are busy getting the donation receipts ready to be posted.

Emanuel Ciul is looking forward to his time in Curahuasi

Yesterday four new members of staff / social voluntary workers for one year were accepted to work at Diospi Suyana.  Among the applicants, who met in a restaurant in Darmstadt, was a young man hailing from Vienna: he has an Austrian passport, but comes from a Rumanian family.  One could say that he was a late harvest from an event in Vienna that took place on 29th May 2016.

During their tour through Rumanian churches Casa Cartii Publishing House had organised a presentation for me in Church Bethel.  Roughly 1,000 Rumanian listeners made up my audience.  The church service was already going on for nearly two hours and I was getting uptight, since my presentation, that I still had not even started, lasted 50 minutes!  Had the organisers forgotten me, I pondered.  I leaned over to the publishing house’s CEO and gave him a questioning look.  “Don’t stress,” whispered Vasile, “the services here always go on for more than three hours!”  Today was no exception!

Sitting in the audience Mr and Mrs Ciul listened to Diospi Suyana’s breathtaking story.  On their way out they buy the Rumanian Version of the book “I have seen God”.  Even though their son Emanuelwas not present that day he read the book his parents bought and has decided to spend three years working in Peru.  We have no doubt that Emanuel Ciul, with his friendly manner, is the perfect fit for our logistics team.

How many of his fellow country-(wo)-men will follow his example? Only God knows. /KDJ

Schmitz & Söhne and company Lautenschläger have just wrapped their presents

Ludolf Schmitz and his son Friedrich will donate two brand new operating tables and extensive accessories for the hospital Diospi Suyana.  The meeting in Wickede brought back memories of the missionary doctor’s first meeting back in 2006.  “Why did you make the biggest donation in kind in your company’s history to Diospi Suyana twelve years ago,” asked Dr John the Senior CEO, “Especially since back then our hospital was not even up and running?” – Ludolf Schmitz answered without hesitation: “I knew immediately that this project would be a success!”

In Köln Mr and Mrs Meurer smile at the camera.  The owners of the company Lautenschläger had to wait for the German-Peruvian for over an hour since he was stuck in traffic, but their good mood could not be broken by something like that!  Similarly, as they did a dozen years ago, they will also send a very big present to Peru.  The Steri in the background can sterilize four operation screens at once.  This equates to a doubling of our sterilization team’s capacity.

All above mentioned donations in kind and the solar batteries I wrote about on Tuesday make up a six-digit sum.  I am in negotiations with five further companies.

With his journey through the Ruhrgebiet Dr John completes his current tour through Europe.  In the past week he visited nine companies/organisations in Germany and Switzerland.  Thanks be to God that he completed the 3,300km along wintry roads safely.

Mr and Mrs Meurer with their Christmas present.  The question remains unanswered as to whether it was for Christmas 2018 or 2019.

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