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A warning-call because of a possible communist takeover of Peru

A dangerous situation

On Sunday Peru could join Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea in the club of Marxist states.  Diospi Suyana followed suit via radio and the social media after Abancay’s catholic bishop had delivered a clear message for the faith.

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Here the English translation:

Diospi Suyana’s declaration regarding the Presidential Election on 6th June 2021:

Introduction: on 22nd April 2010 the Congress of the Republic bestowed the honorary citizenship on doctors Klaus-Dieter John and Martina John.  All congressmen and –women present including those from the far left and the far right voted in favour of this extraordinary honour.  In October 2014 Congress presented the Johns with an honorary diploma.  On 17th December 2015 the Prime Minister awarded Peru’s Citizen Merit Medal to the founders of Diospi Suyana.  Since the missionary hospital’s founding five Heads of State have either welcomed the Johns in the Presidential Palace or have personally visited the Hospital Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi.


Dear Fellow citizens,

We most cordially greet you from the Hospital Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi, Apurímac.  Over the past 14 years our missionary hospital has treated more than 0.42mio patients, most of them hailing from the poorest social class.  As a team made up of missionaries and Peruvians we work for the poorest of the poor without any profit intentions.  Through 53 TV-reports the Peruvian Populus knows us as a humanitarian-religious organisation and Diospi Suyana is known as ‘The Hospital of Faith’ or ‘The German Hospital’.

My wife Martina and I are proud of our Peruvian citizenship and it goes without saying that we will fulfil our civic duty on Sunday 6th June in casting our vote.

We have read the programme of the party “Peru Libre” – should it come to power this programme will be realised.  In its programme the founder and general secretary Dr. Vladimir Cerrón Rojas has clearly marked out the route that will be taken in order to implement the party’s ideologies.

In the first chapter the leaders of “Peru Libre” clearly state that they are a Marxist party.  Furthermore, they state that they will interpret all events and developments of society through the Marxist lens.

The first Marxist ideologist was the German philosopher Karl Marx, who was born 1818.  This politician founded the principle of Marxism that religion is opium for the people.  Due to this belief his followers have persecuted the believers in God in every possible way.  According to the Marxists believing in God as the Greatest Power was a crime enough to marginalise, maltreat, imprison and even murder hundreds of thousands of believers.  A Marxist dictatorship has never existed that has upheld the full values of freedom of religion and opinion.  Marxists often came to power through democratic elections.  But once in power they never relinquished it voluntarily.  With the slogan “we fight for the people” Marxist governments have violated human rights and have trampled all over the basic needs of the population.

From 1945 to 1989 the following European countries were ruled by Marxist governments: Russia, East Germany, Poland, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Czechoslovakia.  After 44 years of awful tyranny these peoples finally overcame the Marxist ideology and regained their freedom.

It is a historic fact that the methods the Marxists used failed in every country in which they were applied.  In the countries still living under Marxist rule, like Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea the populations endure continuous suppression.  To this we want to give a very practical example.  Through the famine in their country, the Venezuelans on average lost 3kg of weight, but their leaders Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro suffered or still suffer from obesity.  “Peru Libre’s” programme sees the Venezuelan government as something worth emulating.

As founders of the Hospital Diospi Suyana we would like to express our great concern that a possible Marxist government could take the freedom of press and religion away from all of us.  Free and democratic elections have never taken place in any Marxist country.  Instead election results were manipulated in such way so as to remain in power.

With this public declaration we would like to state: “We are afraid that radical, Marxist politicians will threaten us and will find ways and means to coerce our missionary hospital in such a way that it will be controlled by the state.  To date the Hospital Diospi Suyana that has helped hundreds of thousands of poor Peruvians.

We agree 100% with the Catholic bishops, the Protestant pastors and other religious orders who have recently spoken up for freedom and democracy.  The same applies to the Peruvian National Football Team and dignitaries like Nobel Prize Laureate Mario Varga Llosa. We are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

We are all aware of the complexity of Peruvians politics in recent years.  We also share the doubts and the feeling of insecurity of millions of Peruvians.  But we see the danger of Marxism as the biggest danger for our people.

We do not know who will win Sunday’s election, but as Christians it is our obligation to pray for Peru’s next President.  We ask God that he will endow our next government with wisdom and success and bless it.

We are Peruvians, but we are also Germans.  In the past century the German population in the east of our country suffered terribly under a Marxist regime.  We hope from the bottom of our hearts that this tragic experience won’t be repeated in our beloved Peru.

May God bless us all on the occasion of the upcoming elections.

Yours Klaus-Dieter John and Martina John