The secret of language

Speech therapist Nelli Klassen helps children on their way into life

Language is one of the big secrets of human interaction.  The word “mama” spoken by a small baby expresses love, affection and secureness.  Woe to him who is not able to communicate clearly with others later in life.  Children with speech impediments are often mocked by their peers.

Last week Nelli cared for a mother and her eight children, all of whom have a speech impediment.  Furthermore, for the teachers of the Diospi-Suyana-School she gave a very useful training session.

For the past three years Nelli Klassen was a big blessing for patients and school children.  She will now move on to a social project in the city of Andahuaylas.  We say thank you and join the children in their appreciation for such wonderful support./KDJ

Enjoyable learning – made possible by Nelli Klassen. Here Nelli is wearing a transparent mask so that the child can see her lip movements.
Compact knowledge and experience: Nelli Klassen speaks from practice.
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