A vaccination as a solution to the epidemic

Christ’s resurrection the definitive answer to death

Spring flowers are the classical symbol for nature coming back to life.  Susi Rottler took the above photo on Curahuasi’s local mountain.  All of us desire to live and we as medics see death as our worst enemy.  This year many of us, especially the aged, are fearful as regards their health.  Across the globe teams of scientists are looking for an effective vaccination through which they can banish the danger that comes from the Coronavirus.

Currently a lorry travelling through the country is bringing important equipment for the missionary hospital’s oxygen system.  In the next few weeks we want to be able to provide oxygen for 50 patients simultaneously.  Our ability to breathe is tantamount to us being a living organism.  A patient’s last breath marks the beginning of death.

An oxygen generator, a compressor and a tank on their to the Hospital Diospi Suyana.


Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday shows that death does not have the last word.  Jesus promised that everyone who trusts in him will live even when (s)he dies.  Eternal life whilst preserving our identity are the main differences between the Christian Faith and Atheism and Buddhism.

The strength of the Risen Lord motivates Diospi Suyana’s staff to invest a part of their lives for those who are sick and without hope in Southern Peru.  Without divine providence and God working wonders the Hospital Diospi Suyana would never have come into existence.  So we wish you true Easter joy, despite curfews, economic crisis and epidemic.

The Hospital Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi’s high valley.  It was drawn a couple of days ago by painter Elena Kemmann who had to return to Germany last week along with the other young volunteers.
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