There is a moment when we know: now it is too late

If only I had…

It was 52 years ago.  My mother came crying into the baking room and called sobbingly to my father who was standing at the oven: “Mama is dead – she meant my Granny – o, if only we had visited her more often!”  But we had often visited my Granny – my mother would never have had to reproach herself for this.

When my father was buried in April 2011 I wished I could have told him once more that I really valued and loved him.  But it was too late.

Perhaps the Corona-crisis gives us the chance to do and say what we should have done or said ages ago: “Forgive me, I forgive you and I love you!”

In three months not all of us will still be alive. /KDJ (Picture caption: My father’s coffin)


Psalm 90:12

“So teach us to number our days, that we may get us an heart of wisdom.”

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