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Radio Diospi Suyana

A UFO above the hospital compound

The camera’s eye notices everything

The sun stands high in the sky.  A day like any other. When suddenly one hears a humming sound.  As swift as an arrow a dark shadow whizzes across the bright rays.  Below it the hospital lies on a plateau.  Thousands of pixel are saved on the on-board-computer and video-sequences are sent directly to the control-station.  Today only one person sees them, but in the near future millions of people will see them on their screens.

On a shoulder the heavy camera wanders through the operating theatres, the dental laboratory and the waiting rooms ever on the look-out for the best motif.  A steady hand guides her while she documents scenes and narrates stories.  Surely it will be a rewarding report with a good message. But what will it be?

The Hospital Diospi Suyana from above.
In one of the six operating theatres.