A Typical Day at Hospital Diospi Suyana

Thursday was a day just like any other. Perhaps the waiting lines at the hospital´s door were a little longer than usual.

8:30am – a pregnant 15 year old girl is in the ICU in labour. Suddenly the baby’s heart rate shoots up to 200 beats per minute and then plummets. Jens Hassfeld (OBGYN) rushes her into the OR to perform an emergency caesarean. Dr Lutz Schöneich (Anaesthetist) skilfully puts the patient to sleep while Dr Martina John (Paediatrician) sprints down the hallway to attend the birth of the baby.  In the end all turns out well – mother and baby boy alive and healthy – and soon the doctors disappear back into the Outpatient Clinic.

4pm – Dr Martina John attends to a young Quechua boy who has a haemoglobin reading of 2.8 (normal range is 12-16). The boy needs an urgent blood transfusion so a quick look is made to see who has compatible blood to give. Dr David Brady (Urologist) volunteers to donate the first bag of blood to the patient. While he gives his blood, Dr Klaus John stands by worrying as usual about his hospital staff. The wet towel on David’s forehead will offer some relieve.

Medical Resident, Dr. Marco Pesantez from Quito goes the extra mile to see more patients. During his time in Peru he has demonstrated exemplary conduct and we will miss his help when he returns to Ecuador next week.

PS. Unfortunately the grandmother of the newborn baby was denied entry into the hospital because of her extreme, drunken state. The father of the baby was also absent – having to work. This is a common situation here where we live.

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