A multi-functional piece of land for Diospi Suyana

Will provide a steady stream of produce for the hospital’s kitchen

Every year the hospital spends 0.2mio Soles to buy food.  A substantial amount.  Might it be possible to reduce it somewhat?  On Thursday Diospi Suyana bought a lovely plot of land in Curahuasi, surrounded by fields, but only a mere 10 minute walk away from the hospital itself.  Here we plan to plant and harvest potatoes, beans, tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn, strawberries, etc.  Thus we are providing a new job and expect to drastically reduce our canteen’s expenses.

Buying such a large plot of land is an investment for the coming years and ideas abound with what one could/should do with it!  Dr Benjamin Zeier and Louis Fischer (see above) are absolutely delighted with the new plot of land and its potential.

The seven previous owners – a community of heirs – arrived two days previously from several Peruvian cities in order to put their signatures on the final purchase documents. Over the past three years Diospi Suyana had inspected several properties; this one fits perfectly.  We thank God for this wonderful opportunity. /KDJ

Eight signatures under the contract.  Notary Nohemi Aparicio (left) guided all signatories through the extensive procedure.