3 small patients on the Covid-station

Take note of: Teddy, dolphin and tortoise without a mask and oxygen

The Omicron-wave is rolling.  Interestingly enough small children also catch the mutated Covid-virus.  Currently three boys aged 4, 7 and 30 months are being taken care of on the isolation-station.  The three cases are stable, but desperately need oxygen in order to keep the oxygen saturation in the blood at an acceptable level.

Of the 121 patients that were heavily affected by Corona since 2020 exactly 30 (24.8%) have died, while 91 (75.2%) survived.  The numbers are comparable to those in European and North American hospitals.

Tortoise is taking wonderful care of her patient, but has obviously left her mask lying around somewhere.
This boy also would suffer from acute shortness of breath if he were not given oxygen.

These pictures are published with the families’ permission.