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82 years old and still going strong

Despite his age the Quechua-Indian is still self-sufficient

Admittedly he walks with a stoop.  He has pains in his back and stomach.  The x-ray shows a severe curvature of the spine.  But that could be accounted for as Pedro Huaman* is 82 years old. “Are you still able to work?” Dr Martina John asks her patient. “But of course!” is the firm answer – his tone suggests some indignation at such a question. Pedro can walk well and it goes without saying that he rides on his horse to get to his agricultural land.  The examination also brings a large hydrocele to light, but that does not really bother him; thus the farmer puts off having an operation. Shortly afterwards he and his son embarked on the six hour journey back to the Province Grau. He has a couple of tablets in his bag, but probably the loving treatment of the doctor helped him the most.  Tomorrow at the crack of dawn he will mount his steed and head back to the working in the fields. (*Name changed)

The lateral view shows a definite curvature of the spine.