A welcome offer in the grandes vacances

Holiday Bible school

Diospi Suyana School has a large catchment area.  Thus it is even more remarkable that we have hardly any pupils from our own suburb and from the area around the cemetery in the upper city „San Cristóbal“.  One could call these two districts Curahuasi’s social hotspots.  The children living in these two districts are now the target group for our school’s pastors, some voluntary social workers who are spending one year here and some primary school teachers.   They distributed flyers, used loudspeakers to promote the event and went from door to door personally inviting the children.  Amazingly our team was able to motivate 80 children to attend our varied holiday programme.  We hope that they will have the courage to attend our school.

A EBDV (Escuela Bíblica de Verano – Holiday Bible School) is a fantastic thing.  To start with the children embarked on an intergalactical journey.  Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt was the second theme.  Of course songs, handicrafts and games were part and parcel of it.  The boys and girls loved it.  This is not that surprising since the State Schools have kept their doors locked for two years now.  These days Diospi Suyana’s leisure activities fill a painful void.

In the mornings the programme took place in the school; in the afternoon we went up into the mountains.  A local church provided the children with food; a further 45 children were given one-on-one quality time and their needs were seen to.  It was a real blessing that finally someone spent time with them.

Cordial thanks to the teaching team for this fantastic idea./CB

Some children from the suburbs.
A poster at the school’s gate advertising the holiday programme.