18 people were lying in wait

A “Skjermbilde” from Norway

Just before 2:50 p.m 18 visitors of our website waited for their big chance.  Twelve of them were able to send us a screenshot with the number “two million”, one even came from Norway (Skjermbilde).  One email came later that evening, we found two more in our spam filter on Tuesday morning and one straggler from Australia came 19 hours later!

Lydia Wins writes: “Hi all, the 2 mio mark has been reached!!!  Thank you for your daily reports.”

Doris and Christoph Pastow from Norway: “ …we follow the articles with interest …“

Antonio Rojas from the North-Peruvian city Trujillo commented: “With great admiration I have been following the news from the hospital since 2007.  For me Diospi Suyana is a model of faith and inspiration.  This experience encourages me to press on with my medical studies.  Perhaps one day I can work  at the hospital …!“

Helga John from Wiesbaden was concerned about the 18 online contestants and asked: “Do you have 18 packets of aniseed tea?  Do you think you can hand them over unbureaucratically!“

From Alzenau Felix Krämer pipes up: “Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, in 2004 at a charity concert with “inside out“ I heard about your work for the first time.  Since then I keep myself informed about your work and am regularly deeply moved about how God works through you …!“

A certain Alejandra Belén Arenas copied somewhere in Peru the relevant detail from the website onto her Smartphone and commented: “Since 2013 I have been following the events at the hospital.  (Diospi Suyana) is an encouragement and motivation for me: to see everything that has developed based on faith in God and by His mercy.  He was always in control… thank you for this service during this time to our country…!“

Jan Kuhtz commented: “Hello dear Team, after three weeks on holiday I am back as a regular on your website and I notice this wonderful number: 2 millionth visitor.  I heard about your whole project from Family Zeyse and am impressed again and again by what God is doing!“

Heidi Kuhley from Berlin: “Hallo Diospi Suyana!  Daily I read your news on your website and gladly let myself be whisked away to distant South America.  So I assume that a couple of the two million clicks were my doing.  As Debora Centner and Elisabeth Franke are family friends, I have a small personal connection to your hospital.  Thinking of you and wishing you God’s protection and blessing!“

Sigrid Kunz is very happy that “2.000.000th visitor“ popped up on her screen.

Ingrid Porsch greets us with 87,7: “Dear Diospi Suyana Team!  I cannot believe that I really am the two-millionth visitor.  For years now I have been reading your news daily and I always think of you in my prayers.  I am over the moon!! Quoting from the wonderful Psalm 87,7 – All my fountains are in you-!“

That evening Britta and Daniel Schniegler write: “We have been reading your news from the hospital, the school and the media centre for quite a while now and of course Udo’s building report every Friday.  We marvel about what God is doing at Diospi Suyana which two people started and which now includes so many missionaries.  We wish you God’s rich blessing for all your tasks and projects, a strong trust in our Lord and the firm knowledge that God is going ahead of you.  May God give you everything you need and surprise you will all those things that you do not expect to receive!“

And last but not least Family Green from Australia sent a screenshot with the comment: “I was awake most of the night studying!“

Since an IP-address is only counted once a day it was possible that many visitors of our webpage could secure the 2-million-figure.  And what happens now?  We have set our sights on the next goal: 3 million.  Watch this space! The editorial team.

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