Between Midnight and Five O’Clock

Die Kathedrale des Salsas

Easter morning in Lima

It was a long flight across the Atlantic and South America and I arrive in the evenign. My connecting flight will leave at 5:00 a.m.  I could find a nearby hotel and sleep for a few hours.  A good idea in principle, but…

The traffic on Avenida Faucett right outside my hotel is extremely noisy, even for a noisy city such as Lima.  Then I hear a car alarm and I begin to have doubts about my decision.  The honking takes short breaks here and there, but continues throughout the night.  I conclude several vehicles are involved in this honking concert.  I can guess why the owners have not attended to their cars; they are probably dancing in the night club next to the hotel.  These loud, pulsing rhythms keep one from noticing things like car alarms.

Easter Vigil.  According to the Bible, this was the most important night in the world’s history.  Our hope of life after death hinges on the events that took place about 2000 years ago.  The resurrection of Christ.

At half past two I lose the battle with the noise and take a warm shower.  I check out.  “It is impossible to sleep here; the noise is madness!”  The man at the front desk gives a bored nod.  “It’s the bar in this neighborhood!” he says with no sign of compassion.  Finally, in the fresh air, the nightclub next door is worth a photo.  It bears the pious name “Cathedral of Salsa.”  A taxi driver takes me to the airport.  The usual routine.  No trace of Easter feelings.

I buy a piece of cake and sit down at a table.  Now I discover Easter after all.  Not ten feet from me several people join hands and lower their heads to pray.  I look at my clock; its three in the morning.  The group of worshipers sent off a few friends and entrusted them to the Risen One.  It is therefore still Easter morning at the airport in Lima.

Slider Gebet am Flughafen
The group joins hands and bow their heads. -Easter
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